Backpacking and Camping Essentials

I love being out in nature and I have spent a lot of time learning skills to help me pursue those outdoor passions. I am not an expert, every adventure I go on, articles I read, and new friends I meet helps me learn and hone my skills. This short book is some of what I have learned and questions I get asked about most often. Plan a trip, get some friends and head to the woods. The time you spend outdoors will change you. You will be happier. You will feel more centered.

With a little trepidation mixed with excitement. You are packed, you have some food, and you have a plan. Camping and Backpacking Essentials will help you get out on the trail so you can experience the power of the outdoors.

· Training and goal setting
· Leave No Trace
· Planning for your trip
· Gear and weight
· Communicating in the backcountry
· Cooking and food
· And more!

The time you spend outdoors will change you. Time to start planning!

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