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Mt. Kilimanjaro

via Londorossi Route, 8-Day Climb

February, 26 - March, 5 2018

Day-by-Day on the Lemosho Route

February 26th: We started hiking from the Londoroosi Gate, through the rainforest. We hiked for a little over 3 hours until we reach our first camp, Mti Mkubwa, which means “Big Tree” in Kiswahili. (2.9 miles, moving time 2 hr 14 min, stopped time 1 hr 9 min, start elevation 7,742 ft, end elevation 9,172 ft)

February 27th: We continued on the trail into the Low Alpine zone, cross some streams, and made our way to the Shira Ridge to Shura 1 camp for the night. (5.03 miles, moving time 5 hr 53 min, stopped time 2 hr 31 min, start elevation 9,172 ft, end elevation 11,505 ft)

February 28th: We hiked east across the Shira plateau toward Kibo’s glaciered peak. We will arrived at Shira 2 camp on moorland meadows. Shira is one of the highest plateaus on earth. (5.01 miles, moving time 4 hr 18 min, stopped time 1 hr 7 min, start elevation 11,505 ft, end elevation 12,798 ft)

March 1st: We continued east up a ridge towards the peak of Kibo and Lava Tower. This is called the “Shark’s Tooth.” Then onward to the Arrow Glacier before we head back down to the Barranco Hut for the evening. (6.48 miles, moving time 7 hr 32 min, stopped time 2 hr 29 min, start elevation 12,798 ft, Lava Tower elevation 15,190 ft, end elevation 13,044 ft)

March 2nd: Acclimatization day, we left Barranco and continued on a steep ridge.  We climbed the Barranco Wall, and arrive at the Karanga Valley camp.  (3.29 miles, moving time 3 hr 50 min, stopped time 2 hr 36 min, start elevation 13,044 ft, end elevation 13,106 ft)

March 3rd: Left camp for the Mweka Trail, heading up to Barafu Hut. We were also able to see Mawenzi and Kibo peaks from our camp.  (2.15 miles, moving time 3 hr 28 min, stopped time 59 min, start elevation 13,106 ft, end elevation 15,331 ft)

March 4th: Summit Day! If you have ever done any alpine mountain climbing, this will be familiar. Started hiking at midnight, heading to the summit. The summit is situated between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. Footing will be sketchy, and we had to battle unusual snow and ice. 

At Stella Point, some of our group turned around and others kept going. Within another hour we reached Uhuru Peak at 10:20 am, the highest point on Mt. Kilimanjaro and the continent of Africa. After the summit we returned to camp for a rest, eat and pack our gear. (Part 1, 6.46 miles, moving time 8 hr 45 min, stopped time 5 hr 42 min, start elevation 15,331 ft, summit elevation 19,341 ft)

We have to descend to a lower camp, so around 4:00 pm we left for Mweka camp, which is located in the upper forest. We knew that due to the amount of time to summit we were going to be getting to camp in the dark, and we arrived around 9:00pm. (Part 2, 4.53 miles, moving time 4 hr 53 min, stopped time 4 hr 01 min, start elevation 15,331 ft, end elevation 10,065 ft)

March 5th: Back in the rainforest, we will head to the Mweka Park Gates. (5.51 miles, moving time 3 hr 7 min, stopped time 46 min, start elevation 10,065 ft, end elevation 4,685 ft)

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Thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro or something a little bigger? Mariah Bridges from Endurance Nation was one of the climbers on our team. She has some suggestions and tips for  preparing not only physically but mentally to tackle Africa's tallest mountain!  

After our climb we weren't ready to leave Tanzania so we headed out on Safari